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Typing special characters with "Type Text" hotkeys

If you select the "Type Text" hotkey category, you can create a hotkey that types a sequence of keystrokes. If you enter something like: "(800)555-1234" then the hotkey will automatically type this phone number. In addition to regular text, you can type special characters with a Type Text hotkey using special escape sequences. To type each of the following characters, use the text shown:

The key you want typed What you should put in the hotkey text
(except for F-keys, these are not case sensitive)
Ctrl/Control key <ctrl> (or <ctrlr> to specify right Ctrl key)
(include characters to be "modified" in < >,
e.g. <ctrlc> to specify Ctrl+C for copy hotkey)
Alt key (Option on Mac) <alt> (or <altr> to specify right Alt key)
(use nested < / > symbols for special key combinations,
e.g.<alt<F4>> to type the Alt-F4 to close the current application)
Shift key <shift>
Windows Key (Win only) <winkey>
Apple Key (Mac only) <applekey>
Tab <tab>
Enter or Return <enter>
Backspace <backspace>
Up arrow <up>
Down arrow <down>
Left arrow <left>
Right arrow <right>
Esc (Escape) <esc>
Page Up <pageup>
Page Down <pagedown>
Home <home>
End <end>
Insert <insert>
Delete <delete>
Scroll Lock <scrolllock>
Pause <pause>
Right Click Key <rightclickkey>
Break Key <break>
Less than '<' <lessthan>
Greater than '>' <greaterthan>
Open Bracket '[' <openbracket>
Close Bracket ']' <closebracket>
Semi-colon ';' <semicolon>
Backslash '\' <backslash>
F-keys <F1> through <F12>
(must use capital F)
Non-English characters Copy and paste from here:

Á É Í Ó Ú Ý á é í ó ú ý
À È Ì Ò Ù à è ì ò ù
Â Ê Î Ô Û â ê î ô û
Ä Ë Ï Ö Ü ä ë ï ö ü ÿ
Ã Ñ Õ ã ñ õ

*brackets, backslash and semi-colon added in 5.0.12c