Prevention and Management of Repetitive Strain Injuries

RSIGuard Site-License Administration

Registration codes beginning with 'x' require internet access. This site can be used to generate a registration code that doesn't require internet access (e.g. a code which can be used on a different computer without internet access).

  1. Registration code: x (note: omit the initial 'x' from your code).
  2. Is this registration code for a new user or current RSIGuard user?
    This is a new license that counts towards Maximum User Number (see site license agreement)
    This is a reinstall (e.g. hard drive was formatted and RSIGuard was reinstalled, switch to new computer)
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  4. User's RSIGuard ID # (To find the RSIGuard ID#, in RSIGuard, click Help menu, then About RSIGuard.)