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Which RSIGuard is right for me?

Use this table to help you select which edition of RSIGuard is right for you:

RSIGuard EditionDescription of this Edition of RSIGuardApproximate Download Size
v5.0 Stretch EditionStretch Edition is the fully-featured edition of RSIGuard. It includes BreakTimer, ErgoCoach, AutoClick, KeyControl, ForgetMeNots, ErgoAnswers, WorkRestrictionManager and DataLogger. This is the edition we recommend for most RSIGuard users.

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26 MB
v5.0 International EditionInternational Edition offers RSIGuard in a choice of 8 languages (Spanish, French, Dutch, Indonesian, Russian, Portuguese, Thai, English).36 MB
v5.0 Call Center Edition Recommended for the unique call center environment, this edition uses defaults that minimize work interruption by the BreakTimer and ForgetMeNots features. For example, when BreakTimer detects the need to suggest a break, it displays a small "Break Needed" button. When the agent has finished the current phone call and is ready to rest, he/she can click the button to initiate a break.

The setup wizard is briefer and assumes settings will be organizationally managed. The settings pages warn an agent if they adjust settings in ways that might potentially interfere with call center work.

Tools are available for limiting breaks call-center-wide based on call volume. Depending on your call center software vendor, we may be able to provide you additional integration between RSIGuard and your call center software (e.g. to automatically place an agent offline during breaks or automatically adjust breaks based on call volume). For more information about the Call Center Edition, please call 800-776-5545 or email us.
26 MB
v5.0 International Edition for Mac or LinuxRSIGuard available for OSX and RedHat Linux. 28 MB