Introduction to RSIGuard 

1.  Welcome to RSIGuard

2. Getting Started

3. BreakTimer

4. ForgetMeNots

5. AutoClick

6. KeyControl

7. DataLogger

8. Getting the most out of RSIGuard


Main RSIGuard Help Menu


KeyControl is a feature of RSIGuard that lets you

  • Create hotkeys to perform frequently repeated tasks
  • Remap keys on your keyboard.


You can create hotkeys to:

  • Perform double clicks, right clicks, and drag-and-drops via a hotkey (together with AutoClick, you can completely eliminate use of the mouse button)

  • View frequently visited websites

  • Launch frequently-used applications or open frequently-used files

  • Type commonly typed text (e.g. standard email replies, email signatures, etc.)

  • Run complex macros using RSIGuard's scripting language RSIScript

Keyboard Remapping

KeyControl will let you move keys to more convenient locations. For example, if you have discomfort in your pinky from pressing the TAB key often, you could swap it with the 'Q' key to reduce the strain from stretching your pinky.

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