Request a new RSIGuard Registration Code

(Note: this page only applies to individual RSIGuard customers who purchased their copies of RSIGuard online at If your registration code begins with the letter 'x', please click here.)

You need a new registration code if:

  • You are installing RSIGuard on a second computer
  • You are installing RSIGuard on a new computer or a computer with a new Windows installation
  • You got a code that starts with the letter 'T' but it has been over 30 days since you got your code

This webpage will let you generate your new RSIGuard registration code. (Click here if you still need to purchase your copy.)

Please specify only one of the following items so we can locate your original order:

The email address used when this order was placed: (e.g.
-- OR --
The order # on the purchase confirmation you received by email when you bought RSIGuard:  (e.g. 20050723092353AC) 
-- OR --
The phone # of the person who placed the order: (e.g. 212-555-1212) 

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