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Do you know your patients' biggest workplace risk factors?

As an ergonomics representative for a large company, I look for ways to help encourage my customers to practice behaviors that follow sound ergonomic principles. I have personally found RSIGuard to be a joy to use, and will implement its use for my customers. And I really like the fact that RSIGuard is a totally personalized approach to ergonomic timing software, not just another keystroke counter or minute timer.

— Dan O'Sullivan, Ergonomics Team Leader, Roseville, CA

As a medical practitioner, physical therapist or ergonomist, you need to evaluate a variety of work environments and make injury prevention recommendations to individuals and organizations. RSIGuard provides rich analytical feedback on human-to-computer interaction and potential workplace risks so you better understand those risks and can make more informed recommendations for your clients.


RSIGuard resides on your clients' computers and serves three key purposes:

Monitoring: Collects information about how employees work at the computer to help develop individual and organizational risk profiles. Using RSIGuard's tools, you can act on this data to easily communicate with higher-risk employees, and to implement targeted solutions to reduce those risks. You can monitor organizational risk to help determine which solutions provide the best reductions in injury rates and workers' compensation costs.

Changing behavior: Provides employees with work pattern modification tools that help them incorporate ergonomic principles into their work patterns -- hence bridging the gap between the concepts taught in an ergonomic training program (either your current one or the package included in RSIGuard) and the reality of employees' work patterns at their computers.

Reducing strain exposure: Provides employees with tools that reduce or eliminate those computer tasks that expose them to the greatest risk of injury.

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