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Do you know who your highest risk employees are?

I have RSI bilaterally, and I attribute my success at work to taking time to exercise every 20-30 minutes for 4 minutes during RSIGuard breaks.

— Kathryn M., RN, Sutter Health

Workers' compensation managers and health and safety managers like you are concerned with maintaining efficient work environments and high productivity while keeping the rise of injuries low. In the office, RSIGuard facilitates your injury prevention programs by automating the collection of employee work practice data, generating insight from that information, and applying personalized solutions for your employees with the highest risk of injury. The result is an increase in employee productivity and a reduction in risk.

RSIGuard resides on your employees' computers and serves three key purposes:

Monitoring: Collects information about how employees work at the computer to help develop individual and organizational risk profiles. Using RSIGuard's tools, you can act on this data to easily communicate with higher-risk employees, and to implement targeted solutions to reduce those risks. You can monitor organizational risk to help determine which solutions provide the best reductions in injury rates and workers' compensation costs.

Changing behavior: Provides employees with work pattern modification tools that help them incorporate ergonomic principles into their work patterns -- hence bridging the gap between the concepts taught in an ergonomic training program (either your current one or the package included in RSIGuard) and the reality of employees' work patterns at their computers.

Reducing strain exposure: Provides employees with tools that reduce or eliminate those computer tasks that expose them to the greatest risk of injury.

RSIGuard also provides you with tools to support return-to-work initiatives for your employees. When your organization grows to a few thousand employees or more, RSIGuard can facilitate your migration to Enviance's OES, a large-scale, hosted enterprise injury prevention solution.

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